About us

What is Unibrow?

Unibrow is a platform that helps connect artists with buyers through the auction process. To sign up for our newsletter, send an email with “newsletter” in the subject line to info@uni-brow.com. If you’re an artist interested in selling with Unibrow, submit a link to your Instagram or website here.

Why auctions?

Auctions are a uniquely suited, time-tested way to find a sweet spot in pricing that the artist can live with and buyer will be happy to pay. We’re not saying that it’s the right way to sell art all the time, but it can help when an artist needs a sale or could use some online marketing between or during shows. This is not meant to take the place of any current way artists sell art, just another tool in their arsenal.

What’s in it for buyers?

Buyers gain unique access to the best new work all over the US and Canada at reasonable prices through a transparent auction system.

What’s in it for artists?

Unibrow is a tool for artists to further their careers and make a better living in the process. Curated artists create and control their own auctions. Artists take home at least 80% of the selling price. Once accepted, artists can sell in perpetuity through Unibrow. At least 50% of our curated artists will always be self-identifying female. We’ll work with partners to enable as much inclusivity as possible in our auctions. Artists can choose to whether to keep their sales data private, or publish it through Unibrow.

What is the bidding process?

Artists will set a reserve price, which is the minimum bid amount. Any bid placed higher than the minimum amount will be received as a maximum bid price a buyer is willing to pay. This means that a buyer could win an auction, even if it doesn’t reach their maximum bid amount. The system will automatically raise your bid as other buyers out bid you, and will continue to raise your bids until it reaches the maximum amount you placed. Each bid placed in your behalf will be raised by the minimum amount necessary to outbid others. If your maximum bid amount is reached and you are outbid, you will receive a notification and you may place a new bid. The highest bidder at the end time of the auction wins and is obligated to pay the full amount.

Minimum bid increments are the minimum amount that is required to raise a bid. Below are Unibrows:
$0 to $99 by $5s
$100 to $499 by $10s
$500 to $999 by $20s
$1,000 to $2,499 by $30s
$2,500 to $4,999 by $50s
$5,000 to $14,999 by $100s
$15,000 to $19,999 by $250s
Above $20,000 by $500s


    1. How do I bid? Before you can bid, you need to create an account and register a credit card. Your credit card will be charged immediately after an auction if you are the winning bidder.
    2. How can I sell art on Unibrow? Submit your portfolio to Unibrow for review. It is not a venue for consignors or 3rd parties to sell other artists work. All artists must be shipping their works from the USA or Canada (We’ll open up to international artists as soon as we can).
    3. I submitted my portfolio for consideration and haven’t heard back yet? Curators for Unibrow will respond to your submission through email within 3-5 business days.
    4. How does Unibrow decide which artists to work with? Unibrow selects artists who have a dedicated studio practice, make quality work, and are a good fit with our brand. An MFA is desired but not required. If your submission is rejected, feel free to submit at a later time. Unibrow curators love to look at all the art they can.
    5. What commission does Unibrow take? The artist takes 80% of the final bid price. The other 20% goes to operate Unibrow.
    6. Is there a buyers premium? No
    7. Is there any limit to how many pieces of art I can sell? There is no limit if you are one of our accepted artists. However, Unibrow suggests that auctioning more than one piece at a time will hurt your chances to sell or receive a high bid.
    8. How does shipping work? The seller sets a flat price for shipping that is added after the final bid. Artists are responsible for packing and shipping artworks. Art must arrive at the buyer’s shipping address with in two weeks of the auction end date.
    9. Which countries can buy and sell on Unibrow? Currently, all buyers and sellers must have shipping addresses from within the United States or Canada. Unibrow plans on expanding its operations to more countries when we are capable.
    10. What if I’m unhappy with my purchase? If the artwork that you purchased comes damaged, or is different than what was advertised, a partial or full refund can be made at the buyer’s discretion. Photographic proof may be requested before a refund is completed. To initiate a refund please contact us at info@uni-brow.com and we’ll help you out.
    11. Will Unibrow publish auction sales data? Artists will be given the option to keep auction sales data private, or to publish it through Unibrow.

More questions?

See our Terms and Conditions for artists and buyers, or contact us at info@uni-brow.com