Jessica Dzielinski
Ink and collage on paper
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Estimated Price: $150



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Jessica Dzielinski is an artist working in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her BFA in painting from Arizona State University and continues to teach art and exhibit work locally. Drawing and building has always served as the best way to observe and re-imagine my surroundings. Informed by an interest in human-made and natural environments, I construct images of imagined and real worlds- combining multiple mediums, processes, and styles to represent the parallels between the forces of nature and our forces of habit- and between the indeterminacy of impulsive irrationality and the principles of logic and order. My thematic and visual influences are often founded on public observations such as verbal and written language, advertisements, decorative patterns, clashing colors, landscapes, architecture, and discarded objects, as well as a relentless obsession with occultism, fanaticism, sexuality, and absurdity . Through this layering of my own thoughts, the thoughts of others, the direct and indirect modes of communication that are experienced between spaces, objects, and people, and the metaphysical nature of the world that I do not fully understand, I am able to map out the paranoia, despondence, joy, complacency, and contradictory spirit of those sharing a terrain that is often both familiar and alien, navigable and tumultuous. This allows me to embrace the circumstantial aspects of my surroundings and the objects I collect as “art”, find symbolism in the post-mythic aspects of contemporary American life, and begin to relegate the hierarchical structures that are shrouded in nostalgia, sensationalism, disposability, pretense, and instant gratification.


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